Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Review of "G. I. Joe Battle Files: Weapons & Tech, 3 of 3"

 Review of

G. I. Joe Battle Files: Weapons & Tech, 3 of 3

Five out of five stars

The best of the weapons used by Joe and COBRA

 Every hero, whether singular or in an organization, needs to have a strong villain in opposition. For the G. I. Joe line, made up of many characters capable of waging overt and covert war, there is the opposing organization known as Cobra. Both sides have their own line of weapons with extreme capability of waging modern warfare.

 This comic reads like an advertising brochure for lines of weapons available for purchase. For many of the weapons used by G. I. Joe and by Cobra, there is an image, a list of the specifications as to weight, speed, endurance and armament. This is followed by a long paragraph descriptor of how it is used along with the strengths and weaknesses. This includes vehicles and some hand weapons down to pistols, swords and knives.

 Clearly, this is a comic published for the serious follower of the G. I. Joe adventures. For it contains no action or storyline, it simply provides a primer on the main weaponry used by both sides.

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