Monday, November 16, 2020

Review of "Charlton Classics presents Hercules, Diomedes’ Curse," comic

 Review of

Charlton Classics presents Hercules, Diomedes’ Curse, comic

Five out of five stars

In Greek mythology, the eighth labor of Hercules was to steal the giant flesh eating mares of Diomedes. In the myth, there were four mares, and they were held chained in a giant stable. Diomedes had a powerful army as well and he was hostile to Hercules.

 This story strays a great deal from the myth, yet it remains true to the fundamental idea of Greek mythology that the gods can intervene in human affairs and take sides, but only to a point. Being the father of Hercules, Zeus, the king of the gods, favors him, but is bound by his own laws to only engage in limited assistance.

 Even though it is significantly altered from the original,  this story demonstrates the richness of the Greek myths and how they marveled at the heroes in their fables. In many ways, Hercules was the prototype of the hero character that is a staple of all of western literature. He was powerful, clever, resourceful, imaginative and confident. All of the characteristics that a hero needs when battling against powerful creatures and performing “impossible” tasks.

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