Saturday, November 28, 2020

Review of "Spaceballs," DVD version

 Review of

Spaceballs, DVD version

Four out of five stars

Sine curve from nonsense to parody

 This movie from Mel Brooks is in keeping with his zany manner of putting foolishness on film. It is meant to be a parody of the very popular “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” movie. It also relies on  the well-worn plot device of the bride running out from the wedding at the last minute. Brief snippets of the movie also lampoon other popular science fiction movies.

 Princess Vespa is scheduled to marry a boring Prince Valium, but at the last minute she departs with her golden droid in waiting Dot Matrix. When captured by the evil Dark Helmet, Lone Star and his sidekick Barf (half man and half dog) are convinced to attempt a rescue in order to get a substantial reward. Metaphors are taken literally, for example Lone Star jams the scanners of the ship of the evil empire by smearing actual jam on them. When ordered to “comb the desert” in looking for the rescued Vespa, the soldiers of the Empire do exactly that.

 Mel Brooks is the green-skinned diminutive Yogurt, the sage that puts Lone Star wise in the ways of the Schwartz. Throughout the movie there is no line of demarcation between what is just stupid and what is parody. If you are a fan of the Mel Brooks brand of humor, then you will love this movie. However, if your taste in humor is to be a little more cerebral, then you likely will not like it. The best joke is based on the use of a winged Winnebago as the space vehicle piloted by Lone Star and Barf.

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