Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Review of "Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual Issue 1" comic

 Review of

Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual Issue 1 comic

Five out of five stars

Two groups with superpowers meet

 This comic is a reboot of the event where the Fantastic Four meet the Attilans, a group of powerful creatures that live an extremely secluded existence on Earth. It opens with Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, out nightclubbing and trying to impress the women when there is an event where what appears to be a woman is being chased by unusual creatures. Johnny Storm intervenes and gets thoroughly beat up. The apparent woman is Crystal, she is beautiful, and she is fleeing an arranged marriage in Attilan.

 When Crystal is forcibly returned to Attilan, the Fantastic Four are able to go there and attempt a rescue. This leads to a battle and a time of reconning, where the two groups of super beings have to decide whether to try to coexist or remain apart.

 I am someone that enjoys reading the first installment of a reboot of a comic story. Since I am familiar with most of the original stories, it is interesting to see the differences in the plotline as well as determine if the proper background context has been laid for the continuance of the story. That criteria has been met here. Also, Sue Storm is depicted as a much more forceful personality, often giving the orders rather than Reed Richards. That raises the quality.

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