Saturday, November 28, 2020

Review of "Kurt Sutter’s Lucas Stand, one of six," Boom! Studios

 Review of

Kurt Sutter’s Lucas Stand, one of six, Boom! Studios

Four out of five stars

 Establishing a context for the story to continue

 The story opens with Lucas Stand employed as a security official in a shopping mall. While being chewed out for being late where the manager also complains about the problems of hiring vets, Lucas punches the manager, throws his vest down and walks out. Heavily into drugs and alcohol, he swerves while driving, causing a family of four to go off a cliff to their deaths. Considering this to be the last straw, Lucas takes his pistol, puts it in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

 The next thing he knows a no-nonsense military man is standing over him and giving him an opportunity to do something other than die. This starts a bizarre sequence where he takes on a demon with fire coming out of his head and with that demon, falls of the roof of a high building. Rather than experiencing a second death, Lucas is transported to Nazi occupied Paris, where he meets a female member of the French underground.

 The story goes strange as Lucas experiences the real and implied horrors of what the Nazis did to members of the underground. While it is interesting, it is also unexplained to the point where the reader is uncertain as to what is actually happening. There is no real explanation as to why the bullet did not kill Lucas and why he is being recruited to fight the demons, some traditional and others in German uniforms. While this first issue is intriguing and entertaining, there is insufficient establishment of the context for the reader to be able to understand what is happening.

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