Friday, November 27, 2020

Review of "Star Trek Mindmeld, Number 11," written by Mke W. Barr et. al.

Review of

Star Trek Mindmeld, Number 11, written by Mke W. Barr et. al.

Five out of five stars

What should have been the topic of a movie

 My favorite episode in the Star Trek original series is “Mirror, Mirror.” In this episode, a parallel universe is discovered where the Federation a brutal empire and the Enterprise is one of the means to enforce and expand its power. In that universe, Captain Kirk is a ruthless wielder of the power of a starship and will stop at nothing to maintain and expand his influence. At the end of the episode, the good Captain Kirk challenges the Spock of the evil universe to do something to change the track of the empire.

 To me, this was the best possible starting point for a sequel to the episode, perhaps even a full-length movie. It would have been fascinating to see a story developed in what would have been the ultimate good-vs-evil matchup. Where else can you pit an entire universe against another universe?

 This story involves a battle between the Enterprise characters of the evil universe against those of the Federation. Like all empires before them, once the evil Enterprise characters learned of the parallel universe, their first thought would be to conquer it. The battle is joined where the tactical genius Kirk faces off against the tactical genius Kirk. Furthermore, the mental genius Spock is engaged in a mindmeld with the mental genius Spock.

 This is a great story, so filled with multiple cliffhangers at the end that the reader craves to see the prequel and sequel items in this particular storyline. How does Kirk defeat Kirk and Spock defeat Spock?

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