Friday, December 2, 2016

Review of "The Wind Wagon," by David Cory

Review of
The Wind Wagon, by David Cory

Five out of five stars
 The boy’s name is Peter, but for this book he is called Little Hero. His father has a massive library and Peter spends hours reading the books about the Greek and Roman Gods and the heroes of ancient stories. One night his eyes grow heavy while he is reading and suddenly a knight fully clad in armor appears. He is Sir Launcelot and there is a silver chariot that is called the Wind Wagon right outside the window.
 Peter, now Little Hero, climbs into the wagon and this is the first step in a series of adventures. Little Hero interacts with Greek and Roman Gods as well as heroes such as Hercules, Ulysses and Jason. The stories are modifications of the classic Greek tales of the roles of the Gods as well as what the heroes accomplished. Through it all, there remains a flavor of the world of the early 1920’s. For example, when the sailors are pondering opening the bag owned by Ulysses, they think it contains Cigar Coupons.
 The action moves quickly and Little Hero performs as his name suggests. He plays a fundamental role in the actions of the heroes, it is an adventure that only a young boy familiar with mythology could imagine. It is written at the level of the late elementary school child, so it is intellectually accessible.

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