Monday, December 19, 2016

Review of Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of James D. Hornfischer’s "The Fleet at Flood Tide"

Review of
Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of James D. Hornfischer’s The Fleet at Flood Tide

Five out of five stars
 For a significant number of potential readers of the book, all that is necessary is for them to read the “Author’s Perspective” section of the summary. In  fact, for many they can make the read/no read decision after examining the following three, non-contiguous sentences.
“ James D. Hornfischer’s attitude towards US naval forces during World War II is mostly celebratory rather than critical.”
“Hornsfischer writes for an audience familiar with the military history of World War II.”
“’The Fleet at Flood Tide’ is, then mostly for military history buffs who are interested in the military details of how the United States won the war.”
 The coverage is generally from 1944 until the end of the war, with the focus on the major air/sea/land battles, such as at Truk and the Battle of the Philippine Sea. There is also extensive coverage of what amounted to the last battle, the dropping of the two atomic weapons. The debate as to whether it led to a numerical saving of lives also continues.
 From this summary, it is clear that the book is valuable for the niche market of people interested in the last years of World War II in the Pacific and have a solid understanding of what came before. For others that lack a basic background of the earlier course of the war, it may not be as interesting a read. 

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