Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review of "Captain America: Man Out of Time, Volume 3," by Mark Waid et. al.

Review of
Captain America: Man Out of Time, Volume 3, by Mark Waid et. al.  ISBN 9781599619385

Five out of five stars
 Lost while on a secret mission during World War II, Captain America was frozen in ice for roughly six decades before being found and thawed back to health by the Avengers. The serum that turned him into a super-soldier kept his body alive all those years.
 Cap finds himself baffled by the world of the twenty-first century and wants to go back to the time he is more familiar with. He also wants to search for his sidekick Bucky Barnes, no trace of him was ever found. Reed Richards has an experimental time machine that could possibly send Cap back to the forties, but there is the very real danger that doing so will alter the timeline in a very negative way. Cap insists on making the trip until he meets with the president of the United States.
 Cap is still the powerful hero that he was before being literally frozen in time. The Avengers are sympathetic and are willing to help him go back to his temporal roots. Tony Stark throws Cap a party where he is introduced to modern live music and foods such as sushi. Cap is also given a quick history lesson about the advances in flight, both on Earth and in space.
 One very interesting omission is on the front cover, where there are the images of the presidents from FDR through Obama. However, there are two glaring omissions, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter are absent. This is a very imaginative graphic novel, for it shows the hero as a human, with feelings of uncertainty amidst all the power.

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