Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review of "The Walking Dead Volume 10: What We Become," by Robert Kirkman et. al.

Review of
The Walking Dead Volume 10: What We Become, by Robert Kirkman et. al. ISBN 9781607060758

Five out of five stars
 With most of the people dead or walking dead, the few survivors are the only hope for the human race to recover. Yet, they spend much of their time fighting over what few resources of food, fuel and safe havens that remain. Rick and his son Carl have managed to form an unstable alliance with other people, some from their former group in the prison compound and others that have a mission.
 Mental stability is not in great supply among the survivors, even among the group that has banded together for protection. The best moment is when Rick and Abraham talk about how they, their families and the people they knew changed after the disaster. It is a moment of powerful human nature when Abraham talks about how the actions he took to protect his family so repulsed them that they left him. He also talks about how the gentle people that he knew turned into brutal rapists after the zombie terror began. It is a point of great understanding between two people on the edge, yet are moving towards a point of mutual trust.
 The zombies are now forming herds, large numbers that can overwhelm even the most effective defenses and firepower. With the decision made to leave their location, the story ends with the building of great tension between factions within the group. This will lower their chances for survival and helps build the tension for the next volume.

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