Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review of Mini Telescoping Camping Lantern

Review of
Mini Telescoping Camping Lantern

Five out of five stars
 This lantern combines convenience with significant utility. When the lantern is fully compressed it can be used as a flashlight. There are two settings to the beam, the highest beam will clearly illuminate fifty feet ahead of you. The light is a cylinder that is slightly over three inches in diameter and less than two inches high when compressed.
 When fully expanded it is slightly less than five inches high and when on the high setting can dimly illuminate a tent or a small room. The lantern can be recharged by using the cord that plugs into a USB port. The feature that will have the greatest appeal to many campers is that the light also can be recharged via turning a crank. Therefore, as long as the lantern is functional, you will not run out of power.
 One minor negative involves the charging process. When it is plugged in for charging, a small red light comes on. However, I had it plugged in overnight and the next morning the light was still on even though all other indications were that it was fully charged.
 That feature also extends to include your smartphone. There is a second cord that connects to a smart phone, so you can recharge it as well. Finally, there is a handle on the bottom that allows you to hang the lantern upside down.     
 Light and compressible to a size that allows it to be stuffed into a corner of a bag, this light means that you will never run out of light or power in your smart phone or other small electronic devices. 

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