Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review of "Al Jaffee’s Mad (Yecch!) Monstrosities," by Al Jaffee

Review of
Al Jaffee’s Mad (Yecch!) Monstrosities, by Al Jaffee

Four out of five stars
 There is nothing like the ability of the staff of “Mad Magazine” to take common horror entertainment themes and twist them into something even more bizarre. In this book, a series of monster themes and some generally routine events are morphed into humorous conclusions.
 Some of the stories are:
*)  A very sexist rewrite of the man creates perfect woman from parts story.
*) The cannibal visiting a psychiatrist in a search for a cure.
*) A longtime dweller in a dungeon finally being released.
*) The prince being turned into a frog and needing a kiss from the fair maiden to be restored to his human form.
 The people at Mad definitely possess twisted minds, in this case the reader gets to enjoy their unusual perspective on what is already a bizarre area of entertainment.

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