Sunday, December 11, 2016

Review of "Kaplan AP Chemistry 2011"

Review of
Kaplan AP Chemistry 2011 ISBN 9781607145264

Four out of five stars
 While a few largely insignificant aspects of the structure of the questions and maybe a bit of the focus may have changed over time, the subject matter of the AP chemistry test has not changed in the last six years. Therefore, this book is not really dated as a study aid.
 As someone that has tutored students preparing for the AP chemistry test, I can personally offer a testimonial to the validity of this book as a study aid. The review for each chapter is short, yet thorough, providing the right amount of information to get the reader back up to speed regarding the material. This is followed by a short set of multiple choice review questions with answers and explanations. They provide a quick and effective feedback mechanism for the reader.
 There are two 75 question practice tests with answers and explanations. Answer grids for both tests are also included. Since the questions are all multiple choice, the answer grids are in the form of filling in the proper ovals.
 If you are serious about doing well on the AP chemistry exam, a diligent use of this book for studying will get you there.

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