Saturday, December 24, 2016

Review of "Magic Square Lexicon: Illustrated," by H. D. Heinz & J. R. Hendricks

Review of
Magic Square Lexicon: Illustrated, by H. D. Heinz & J. R. Hendricks, published by H. D. Heinz, Surrey, BC, Canada, 2000. 184 pp., $25 (paper). ISBN 0968798500.

Five out of five stars
 This book is the definitive description of the mathematics of magic squares, cubes, hypercubes, stars and other extensions and adaptations. As the title implies, it is in the form of a dictionary and the explanations are complete with detailed illustrations of the items being described. A total of 239 terms are defined, some of which have been in existence for centuries, while others are of very recent origin. Some are original to the authors.
 If you are interested in magic squares and the many mathematical and puzzling paths that start at that point, then this is a book that you must read. The authors are clearly experts in their joint labor of love and the result is a significant contribution to an area of mathematics that is accessible to everyone.

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