Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review of "Park Avenue to Park Bench," by Michael Domino

Review of
Park Avenue to Park Bench, by Michael Domino ISBN 9781496101075

Five out of five stars
 Most of the entries in this collection of short stories are based on a simple event on the island of Manhattan. The events are as simple as where to find a juicy and tasty sandwich to the consequences of engaging a person you meet in a basic conversation. The narrator is male and a chance conversation with a female jogger leads to an interest in reading the classic novel “Don Quixote.” When sharing a bench with another man, the narrator learns an amazing riches to rags story and takes an interest in the man’s life. Another story involves tagging along with a private investigator and one is based on the hiring of ex-convicts convicted of murder for dangerous jobs.
 All of the stories are very well told and give the reader a glimpse into the dynamic undercurrent of New York City. It is a place where interesting people are everywhere, even the shabby person that is sitting next to you may have a story worthy of appearing in a book. The stories may be fiction, but like the best fiction, they sound real.

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