Friday, December 16, 2016

Review of Python DVD video

Review of
Python DVD video

One out of five stars
 This movie is bad, simply bad. The plot is absurd and the acting even worse. For reasons that are unexplained, a sixty foot python that spits concentrated acid out of its mouth is created. While it is being transported on a cargo plane it manages to break out of the crate and the plane crashes. With a skin sturdy enough to withstand bullets and the rockets from hand-held weapons, the snake easily survives the crash.
 Several young people are killed, there is a deputy sheriff that is a real law enforcement moron, old relationship scores and a few other points of largely irrelevant nonsense. Especially the bespectacled science professor that loves snakes. When the federal cavalry arrives, they give the local sheriff a ridiculous story and then arrogantly attack the snake. The predictable result follows.
 The “best” scene is when one of the young women is accosted by the snake while she is in the shower. Even though she is terrified of the giant reptile, she manages to tightly wrap a towel around herself so well that none of her good parts are exposed. The towel survives a terrified dash up from the basement, through the house to a waiting truck and then another dash through a ravine, with a spill, into a small cave of safety.
 This is a movie where most of the main characters are killed off, some while doing good and others because they are stupid. Even the way the snake is finally killed is absurd. It is also one of the most poorly acted movies I have ever seen.

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