Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review of "The Duodecimal Bulletin Volume 52(base 12) (62(base 10)) No. 1 July 2015(decimal)"

Review of
The Duodecimal Bulletin Volume 52Z (62d) No. 1 July 2015d
Four out of five stars
 The Dozenal Society of America is dedicated to informing the public of the value of using 12 as a base rather than 10. There are only two divisors of 10; 2 and 5, while there are four (2, 3, 4, 6) divisors of 12, making it easier to create fractional parts. The “Duodecimal Bulletin” is their official newsletter for spreading their message and arguing their positions. It includes mathematical papers that feature operations in base 12 and how they relate to other bases. As can be seen from the volume number, the Society has existed for decades.
 Most of the material in this issue deals with the notation of representing the two extra digits needed for base 12 representation as well as how numbers in base 12 should be represented when they appear in material that also includes numbers in base 10. There is an article by longtime society member and supporter Jay Schiffman and the main point is the explanation of patterns that appear when recursive operations are performed on integers represented in base 12. I found that paper interesting and the source of several ideas for research in recreational mathematics.
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