Friday, December 2, 2016

Review of The Giant Claw, horror movie produced in 1957

Review of
The Giant Claw, horror movie produced in 1957

One out of five stars
 In an area known for cheap and silly looking monsters, this movie is very close to, if not at, position number one. The monster is a giant bird that looks like it was constructed in an elementary school art class. It has the teeth of someone that never brushed, looks like a buzzard and squawks when the mouth is closed.
 The bird has somehow traveled interstellar distances, cannot be detected by radar and is made of antimatter. In order to prevent it from being destroyed when it comes into contact with the matter of Earth, the creature emits a shield that also renders it invulnerable to the most powerful of Earth weapons. Yet, at the last minute the hero and heroine are able to develop a pulse cannon that fires nuclear bursts at the bird that destroys the shield and allows rockets to penetrate and kill the creature.
 As is obligatory in these movies made in the fifties, the role of most women is to scream in terror at the hideousness of the monster. The one intelligent, capable female is a mathematician and serves as the love interest of the hero, a radar expert and crack pilot.
 In an area where the budget for the monster was always very low, this one is the cheapest. There are high school prop departments that could make monsters far superior to this one.  It is one of the worst horror movies ever made.

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