Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review of "The Return of Superman," by Dan Jurgens et. al.

Review of
The Return of Superman, by Dan Jurgens et. al. ISBN 1563891492

Five out of five stars
 Superman gave his life defending Metropolis and Earth against the threat of the powerful being called Doomsday. His body was placed in a public tomb and that section of the city was made into a shrine. Yet, in the comic book world, just like the real one, that would not be the end of the story.
 A secret government agency specializing in cloning was able to create a youthful copy of Superman with a reduced level of powers commensurate with his biological “age.” A biological-mechanical cyborg of unknown origin comes forward and claims to be Superman and an entity developed from a spiritual force and restored in the regeneration matrix with help from robots in the Fortress of Solitude also claims to be Superman. Engineer extraordinaire John Henry Irons is able to forge a powerful suit of armor that allows him to perform many of the feats of Superman.
 This sets up a debate among the populace as to who is the real heir of Superman, those that were close to him see major issues with the cyborg and the entity from the spiritual force, for they do not hesitate to kill humans. There are several villains that occupy the range from sultry to genocidal, where the goal is to turn Earth into an interstellar weapon. Supergirl is a strong presence as an ally of Lex Luthor, Green Lanterns play significant roles and the other members of the JLA are essentially dupes.
 This sets up a large set of plotlines that are sometimes concurrent and other times distinct. The story is complex, but as befits the complexity of the story, nothing less than the entire Earth is at stake. Also at stake is the legacy of Superman, both the hero and the ideals that he stands for.
 Bringing the dead back to life is always a difficult task, especially if you make it in real and not in dream time. The creators of this story do an excellent job in carrying out this complex task, they have created a classic Superman story.

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