Friday, December 30, 2016

Review of Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Brian Tracy’s "The Art of Closing the Sale"

Review of
Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Brian Tracy’s The Art of Closing the Sale

Four out of five stars
 If you were not explicitly informed that the author of the book is a motivational speaker, it would be apparent from the content of the key takeaways. For some of them are simply retellings of what one hears from people who make their living telling others how to succeed. The first key takeaway is a statement of the main point made in nearly every motivational talk.
“Effective salespeople must like themselves first and have a positive, proactive outlook.”
In fact, you could drop the “sales” prefix and this sentence will apply to everyone.
 From this summary, it is clear that the book rises above some of the rather simplistic “rah-rah” content that appears in other books written by motivational speakers. Tracy clearly has had success in sales and although the advice is generic, is worthy of reading.
 After reading the rest of the summary, it was no surprise to read the following first line of the “Author’s Style” page.
“’The Art of Closing the Sale’ is written in a tone similar to a motivational speech.”
 The first sentences of the third paragraph of the “Author’s Style” section are also revealing.
“Tracy includes many assumptions based, presumably, on personal experience. He does not cite sources even when he mentions survey results or reports.”
My thought when I read that was, “Sounds like a motivational speech to me.”
 If you can accept accurate sales advice that may be a bit preachy, undocumented and a bit of a plug for services, then this book will likely be worthy of reading. Although there should have been more analysis in the summary. There are 30 pages with a lot of whitespace. 

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