Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review of "Thor & Loki In the Land of the Giants: A Norse Myth," by Jeff Limke and Ron Randall

Review of
Thor & Loki In the Land of the Giants: A Norse Myth, by Jeff Limke and Ron Randall ISBN 0822530872

Five out of five stars
 The myths of a culture say a great deal about their early views of the world, to understand the people of the Scandinavian countries, it is necessary to know something about the Norse gods. Thor was a god of great power, he signified brawn, always ready to use his strength to resolve a situation. Conversely, Loki was the intelligent trickster, preferring to use his brains to outwit and confound opponents. The two gods are also brothers and in this story they act like brothers, bickering over which is better, brains or brawn.
 Together, they travel to the Land of the Giants, bickering all the way. While there, they both face great challenges that they lose, not realizing that the tasks are impossible. This is a graphic novel rendition of a classic Norse folktale that includes some fundamental psychology of sibling rivalry. The story is told very well and is an ideal way to introduce Norse mythology to children in late elementary school.

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