Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review of "Dog Training the American Male," by L. A. Knight

Review of
Dog Training the American Male, by L. A. Knight ISBN 9781943957002

Four out of five stars
 While this book is amusing, most readers will find it just that and not at the “laugh-out-loud” level. Dr. Nancy Beech is a relationship counselor that has a local radio show and a fatal flaw. So far, she has been unable to make any of her relationships work. Jacob Cope used to work on Wall Street and was very successful until he lost his job. His goal now is to be a ventriloquist, he has an old van and a job in phone tech support that he hates.
 Nancy and Jacob are introduced by their relatives that are desperate to get them to have a life and reduce their involvement in theirs. When they meet on their blind date, they hit it off and it is not long before they are living together in the same house. This starts the usual set of problems between people when they set up house together. Jacob tracks dirt in, leaves the toilet seat up and is generally unwilling to clean up the messes that he always manages to create.
 Nancy’s radio show is on the verge of being cancelled when she develops the idea of women training their “Y” using the same tactics that one uses to train a dog. Without her prior approval, Jacob acquires a large male dog and it is necessary to hire trainers in an attempt to curb his enthusiasm. Nancy then uses the dog training techniques on Jacob as well as teaching them to her willing female students. Even shock collars and castration threats are used.
 Jacob’s brother Vincent is a gynecologist that also performs labia surgery. Some of his patients are very open about showing off their new and improved condition. Some of the older women are aggressive in seeking male attention for sex but also sometimes just for the shock factor.
 Throw in some other minor characters and this is a story that is amusing and unpredictable. Until you read it, you would never expect a female patient in a nursing home to spin donuts in her wheelchair with her female parts exposed for the viewing pleasure of the male patients. While doing it she shouts, “Look closely, the second look will cost you your next month’s social security check.” That is a great line that captures the essence of the book. Outrageous sexual expression without a great deal of actual sex being done.

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