Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review of "Captain America: Man Out of Time Part 2," by Mark Waid et. al.

Review of
Captain America: Man Out of Time Part 2, by Mark Waid et. al. ISBN 9781599619378

Four out of five stars
 The story of the “rebirth” of Captain America after being frozen in suspended animation for over fifty years continues. Rescued by the Avengers, that group has seemingly disappeared and Cap has been shot. Suffering from flashbacks while in the hospital, he is having a great deal of difficulty differentiating reality from intense memory.
 The Avengers are missing and Rick Jones has heard of the Captain America look-alike wandering the streets. Rick is initially skeptical, but when Cap carries out actions that only he can do, Rick is converted and they become a team, searching for clues as to what happened to the Avengers. Cap is baffled by the concept of a search engine, yet they are able to identify the person that would seem to know the most about the incident. Rushing forward where fools would fear to tread, Cap is able to capture a likely suspect.
 Despite the repetitive flashbacks, the story manages to move along and advance the plot. Cap is slowly adjusting to his new place and time, by the end he no longer harbors the suspicion that he is in fact dreaming. There are cameos by other Marvel characters that serve more to amuse rather than advance the story.
 This graphic novel is entertaining, yet there is perhaps more looking back than is necessary. Cap should have been convinced by now that he is in fact in the 21st century, yet he has the personality of a severe case of PTSD. Hopefully, by the end of part three Cap will be facing the modern villains rather that still being ready to fight the enemies of his past.

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