Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review of Flying Eagle Kite Kit by LIVERTOL

Review of
Flying Eagle Kite Kit by LIVERTOL High Quality, Strongest Bird-Shaped Flying Kite for Kids and Adults ~ 5 Foot Wingspan of Flying Eagle ~ Easy to Assemble, Fly, & Store with Carrying Case

Five out of five stars
 This kite is really cool, it exudes a command dominance of the air when it is being flown. The eagle design gives the impression that it belongs in the air and is an alpha predator of the skies. Woe to the lesser animal that it spots and targets.
 However, it takes some skill to fly it well. While it is sturdy, it is not indestructible, so one should have some experience in flying a kite before taking on this beauty. It you can handle it, this kite will draw the attention and envy of any others that have their kites in the air.

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