Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review of "Mad Guide to Leisure Time," by Dick DeBartolo

Review of
Mad Guide to Leisure Time, by Dick DeBartolo 

Four out of five stars
 Nearly all people are aware that leisure time in the form of vacations or hobbies can often be more stressful than our work environment. There are new challenges, expenses and other, unexpected things that can go wrong. That is the premise for this book of often accurate problems when people are occupying their leisure time. No one lampoons life better than the twisted minds at “Mad Magazine.”
 Twelve vacation activities and forms of “relaxation” are zinged. They are:

*) Camping
*) Sailing
*) Gardening
*) Cycling
*) Drawing and painting
*) Golf
*) Snorkeling
*) Do-it-yourself
*) Bowling
*) Weightlifting
*) Hunting
*) Flying

  It is unlikely that there will be an adult reader that will not recognize some event in their life that went wrong when they were enjoying their leisure time. The frustrations of the moment will be revisited. Hopefully, what is read here will generate a smile at the revisiting of your experiences.

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