Monday, December 26, 2016

Review of "Bonner’s Fairy: Secrets and Spies," by Elizabeth A. Patterson

Review of
Bonner’s Fairy: Secrets and Spies, by Elizabeth A. Patterson ISBN 9781475997446

Two out of five stars
 This story is set in two different dimensional realms, one with ogres, trolls, fairies, witches, Cyclopes’ and a powerful wizard named Molock. Molock is referred to as “it” because no one has ever seen the creature well enough to accurately establish the gender.  Throw in the equivalent of a siren and you have nearly every creature that appears in fantasy. The realm of all these creatures is called Woodland and it is ruled by a king and queen that are being threatened by the dark forces controlled by Molock.
 The other realm is on Earth and is accessed via portals, one of the main ones is in the small town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Most of the plot is based on the good side of the realm of Woodland preparing for a climactic battle with the forces of Molock. As the various groups that make up the good army begin to come together, many of the others in the realm go through the portal to Bonners Ferry. Much of the preparations are explained in overindulged detail and there are many distractors that do not add to the plot at this time. The reader is exposed to all the particulars of the remodeling of a building in Bonners Ferry.
 There is no battle, or even a skirmish between the two forces, the story ends with a few sentences that portend that the major conflict is about to begin. In other words, the purpose of this book is to simply set the stage for the real story that will take place in the next installment(s). One of the leaders of the good side is called Hercules, like so much of the book, hardly original.

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