Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review of "World of Warcraft: Book Four," by Simonson et. al.

Review of
World of Warcraft: Book Four, by Simonson et. al. ISBN 9781401231774

Four out of five stars
 This book covers nearly all the powerful monster and spells buttons as the heroes stand up to the forces of destruction. Like nearly all such stories, it suffers from the weakness that the reader knows that the danger the heroes are in will be mitigated by magic powers that the heroes were unaware of. In that respect it is a traditional sword & sorcery book.
 The artwork is superb, the facial and body details of the characters is excellent, most of them are very monster-like in appearance. There are many complex characters, given that this is book four of the series, one does not start on page one here and immediately understand the context of the battle for supremacy. Or the relationships between the characters.
 Fans of World of Warcraft will love this graphic novel, people that generally don’t like S & S probably won’t. Unless of course you appreciate quality artwork, something that crosses many boundaries of taste.

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