Friday, February 17, 2017

Review of "Freaky Funny Clay," by Maureen Carlson

Review of
Freaky Funny Clay, by Maureen Carlson ISBN 9781440322150

Five out of five stars
 When my daughter was younger she was in Girl Scouts for approximately four years and I served as the assistant troop leader. As a consequence, I spent many hours supervising everything from selling cookies to acquiring materials to watching the girls create crafts. This book would have been an excellent resource of ideas of things to make.
 The raw materials are air dry clay and other simple items such as cardboard, pipe cleaners, colorations and yarn. The book contains a set of simple patterns demonstrating how to create the designs that will amuse children. All of them are easy to understand and follow, well within the capability of girls ten and older. They are also things that can be built within the time frame of a standard meeting, an essential requirement for gatherings of groups of girls.

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