Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review of "Apple, Banana, Cherry," by Joy Cowley and Elizabeth Fuller

Review of
Apple, Banana, Cherry, by Joy Cowley and Elizabeth Fuller ISBN 0439519160

Five out of five stars
 For a child, learning the letters of the alphabet is a matter of repetition, seeing and saying them over and over in many different ways. Children also have a natural affinity for simple rhymes, the expression of the same sounds and the ends of sentences reinforces their understanding of phonics.
 This book is another in the large collection of books that can be used to teach children the alphabet. One page is dedicated to each letter and it appears in both upper and lower case, followed by a word that begins with that letter. The image on the page is of the item associated with the word and there is a four-line section of text where the first and fourth line rhyme. While the images are plain in coloration, they have enough detail so that a child can understand them.
 Simple and effective, this is a book that will work well in advancing the education of a young child.

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