Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review of "Dreams Unto Holiness: Exploring the Power of a Sweet, Transcendental Sleep," by Marsha Sinetar

Review of
Dreams Unto Holiness: Exploring the Power of a Sweet, Transcendental Sleep, by Marsha Sinetar 
ISBN 9781535544108
Three out of five stars
 The point of this book is that a supreme being communicates with humans through their dreams. Assigning significance and meaning to dreams is hardly new, the first Greek work on dream interpretation was “Oneirocritica,” written by Artemidorus in the second century CE. Much of the content was based on lore handed down among the diviners. In the more modern era, psychoanalyst Carl Jung developed a theory of dreams that was based on our imaginations and mythic narratives.
 Despite being scientifically analyzed and studied in depth, dreams are still shrouded in mystery, making almost any broad interpretation possible. Therefore, the content of this book is both reasonable and questionable. Reasonable to the extent that the practice of religion is an inherent part of human behavior, yet questionable because there is so much about dreams that are still unknown.
 Therefore, it is easy to conclude that there will be two primary reactions to this book. If you are a religious person and are willing to entertain the idea that God communicates directly with you, it will be a reinforcement of your beliefs. However, if your position is otherwise, then you will consider it just another book of minimally useful pop psychology.

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