Friday, February 10, 2017

Review of "The Path to Wealth," by May McCarthy

Review of
The Path to Wealth, by May McCarthy ISBN 9781938289590

Three out of five stars
 The theme of this book is based on what the author refers to as the Chief Spiritual Officer or CSO for short. Of course, this is just a euphemism for a supreme being. McCarthy is the very successful creator of several businesses and she attributes much of her success to her communications with her CSO. This includes being thankful for what she has as well as what she desires in the future.
 For example, this is the sentence immediately after a letter written to the CSO. It appears on page 33.
“In the CSO gratitude letter, I’ve included what I have now as well as what I want as though I already have it.”
This sentence is the best summary of the book that I could think of.
 Fundamentally, this is a book where there will be two distinct and largely opposite reactions. If you are someone that relies on some form of divine assistance to get what you want, then the book will appeal to you. However, if you are someone that relies more on self-reliance and cooperation with other humans to achieve your goals, then that sentence and the rest of the message will be unappealing.

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