Saturday, February 11, 2017

Review of "Pirate, Viking & Scientist," by Jared Chapman

Review of
Pirate, Viking & Scientist, by Jared Chapman ISBN 9780316253895

Two out of five stars
 While this book is supposedly about three males with vastly different backgrounds eventually learning to get along, the path there is one that I would not have exposed my daughter to. As the title indicates, there are three boys, a scientist, a pirate and a Viking.
 The scientist is a small boy with large glasses that wears a bowtie and a white lab coat. Pirate is much larger, with a mermaid tattoo on his chest, one of an anchor on his arm, a beard and few visible teeth. Viking is a bear of a man with a full beard and the Viking headgear.
 While both Viking and Pirate are friends with Scientist, they fight hard whenever they are together. Not the arguing type of fighting, the kind where they destroy things, such as Scientist’s birthday cake. Eventually, the two of them agree on something that they can do together, but it is pillaging and plundering.
 This book would not be bad if Viking and Pirate were boys in costumes, but these are grown men. Their fighting and outlaw lifestyles are inappropriate for a book written at the level of the first or second grader.

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