Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review of "Bullet to the Head," by Matz

Review of
Bullet to the Head, by Matz ISBN 9781606901977

Four out of five stars
 This is a crime story that has political scandals and the murders of high-level political figures followed by massive conspiracies to cover up the truth. There are crusading cops and journalists, yet the heroes do things well beyond the bounds of the norms. A team of two male paid assassins that love to bicker their way through their work demonstrate their skills at their craft, seemingly able to take out anyone they want to.
 The action is dirty, innocents from woman to children to journalists to dogs are all taken out, sometimes on a mere whim. Yet, when one of the assassins is killed in what was clearly a setup, an unlikely alliance between the remaining killer and a cop is formed.
 There is a lot of shoot-em-up action, very close to over the top, as people outside the target list are killed in what is repeatedly claimed are reflex actions. The story sometimes drifts, at times the reader can lose track of how a plot thread fits into the main storyline to that point.
 This is a hard and violent book, a lot of people die and the reader often wonders to what end their blood is shed.

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