Friday, February 3, 2017

Review of "Hidden Secrets," by Donna Zadunajsky

Review of
Hidden Secrets, by Donna Zadunajsky ISBN 9781523225088

Three out of five stars
The main character in this book is an elementary school teacher named Carla Michaels and one of the most selfish, self-centered characters that have appeared in the books that I have read. There are times when even she says, “Perhaps I am being too selfish,” to which the most obvious reply for the reader to utter an emphatic mental “obviously.”
 Her husband Tim is an attorney and has always put her first and regularly professes his love for her. Yet, Carla frequently expresses feelings of dissatisfaction with her life, generally based on no specific cause. This unhappiness is sometimes taken out on others with no real justification and a year before, she attempted suicide. Carla desperately wants to have a child, but has suffered five miscarriages and when the story opens she is pregnant once again.
 There is another  tragedy in Carla’s life and there is no shock to the reader when she withdraws, basically crawling in bed for a month. Despite the problems in her life, it is hard for the reader to generate any sympathy for Carla, every new experience is interpreted in the most negative possible manner, compounding the problems she is facing.
 While there is what is meant to be a happy ending, it is based on such a bizarre set of circumstances that the reader finds it difficult to muster any real interest. Given the way she responded to her loving husband, you wonder if she is really capable of nurturing children.

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