Monday, February 6, 2017

Review of "Plundering Pirates," by Miles Kelly Publishing

Review of
Plundering Pirates, by Miles Kelly Publishing ISBN 1842365363

Five out of five stars
 While this book is meant to be humorous and it succeeds in that quest, it also contains a lot of historical information about pirates. The most interesting facts were that there were some female pirates and not just as the consorts of the pirate leaders. Grace O’Malley commanded a pirate fleet on Ireland’s west coast and Ching Shih assumed command of her husband’s pirate fleet operating off the coast of China when he died.
 Nearly every boy imagines himself a pirate at some point in his youth. Using cartoons and text, this book will amuse and educate while explaining some of the history of piracy. Young readers will also get some ideas for how they will conduct their role-playing games.

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