Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review of "Science Dog," by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker

Review of
Science Dog,  by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker ISBN 9781607064237

Four out of five stars
The origin of Science Dog uses a premise that has been used many times before. A regular dog is the mascot of a research lab where three scientists are working to create a device that would change the world. It was a time machine and there was a severe accident. When the dog chases a ball into the time distortion field, Walter chases the dog and both of them are exposed to the powerful rays of time.
 The dog is turned into a super creature with an intelligence more than ten times that of the smartest human with superior physical abilities and Walter is turned into a creature with a massive brain and an appetite for evil. Science Dog and Walter then become arch-enemies and begin their relentless battles.
 This one involves a brutal time loop where the Earth is devastated due to the actions of Walter and Science Dog’s friend Daniel is also killed. Only by going back in time and altering what happened is Science Dog able to restore the world to its normal order. There is also an encounter with an alien species that look like giant middle fingers with eyes on top.
 The story is convoluted and in many ways a retread. Science experiments gone awry are a common plot tactic in the comics with animals elevated to the possession of intelligence or great power also used occasionally. Being so much smarter than all the others, Science Dog is in many ways resigned to a lonely existence, unable to explain his methods to others. He is also a super soldier, a superb fighter using his skills to thwart what is in some ways his evil twin.

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