Monday, February 6, 2017

Review of "Innocent in Las Vegas: A Humorous Tiffany Black Mystery," by A. R. Winters

Review of
Innocent in Las Vegas: A Humorous Tiffany Black Mystery, by A. R. Winters

Four out of five stars
 Tiffany Black works an unusual combination of two jobs, she is a private investigator during the day and a blackjack dealer at a casino in Las Vegas in the evening. While her job at the casino is secure, Tiffany is essentially still in training for her role as a PI. When the womanizing wealthy husband of Sophia Becker is murdered and the murder weapon is found at Sophia’s bedside, it is natural that Sophia be charged for the crime. Sophia is a beautiful former stripper that managed to snag a wealthy husband, so the tag of gold-digger is used by many to describe her.
 Sophia declares her innocence, but no one, especially the police, takes her protestations seriously. Therefore, the only hope that Sophia has is hiring Tiffany for what is her first case. Despite being portrayed as somewhat of a weak and retiring personality, Tiffany is not of that ilk. When she is threatened, she manages to work over two pseudo-toughs, leaving one sucking wind and the other bleeding profusely.
 The case progresses and there is the hint of a budding romance with a man named Stone. He has his own private security firm and claims to be ex-CIA, but uses words and facial expressions very sparingly. As could be predicted, Stone comes to the rescue when Tiffany is in trouble. He also advises her to take fighting lessons and a gun.
As seems almost obligatory in murder mysteries where the primary character is female, Tiffany has trouble with relatives that are pressuring her to get a man and children in her life. Tiffany is also portrayed as having a cupcake addiction. There is no climactic ending where the tension is built, what happens is largely predictable, hence the four stars.

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