Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review of "Ellie Camps Under the Stars," by Elle and Marci Fair

Review of
Ellie Camps Under the Stars, by Elle and Marci Fair ISBN 9780996363549

Five out of five stars
This book appeals to the child’s love of stuffed animals and adventure. The main characters are Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin, stuffed animals with a desire for exploration. In this book they are camping out under the stars and then going on nature hikes where they experience much of what nature has to offer.
 At night they view the stars and then they go on constructed trails to waterfalls and scenic overlooks. There is a chart of a few constellations at the end, adding to the educational value. One obvious improvement to the book would have been an explicit mention of where the two adventurers were hiking. It appears to be a park of some kind and it would be nice to know which one.
 The level of the text is that of the first or second grade student and there are many images, making it a good book to be read to young children. It will stimulate their imaginations for adventures that their animals can go on. If it would have been available when my daughter was young, I would have read it to her.

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