Saturday, February 11, 2017

Review of "Dan Dare" by Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine

Review of
Dan Dare by Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine ISBN 9781606900406

Five out of five stars
 This graphic novel is space war at its mindless best. Dan Dare is a former British super pilot of space and he has chosen to live in a self-imposed exile when his service is over. There was a massive nuclear war between the United States and China, effectively exterminating both countries, leaving Britain as the most powerful nation on Earth. Following their long traditions of naval power and international commerce, Britain has created a large space fleet with a multi-planet commercial empire as well. It is also the case that the in new Pax Britannica, there has not been a great deal of empathy for the struggling remnants of the former powers.  
 The sense of comfort and security has been shattered with the return of the forces of Mekon of Mekonta coming at Earth packing the ultimate weapon, something far more powerful than merely nuclear bombs. The situation is so grave that Dan Dare is approached and asked to come back to lead the fight.
 Students of history will recognize the allusions to the great and grand traditions of the Royal Navy and the time in 1940 when Britain stood alone against the seemingly invincible armies of the Third Reich. There are also many references to the collaborators that sold out their countries for what turned out to be short-lived political power. The odds are against the gallant British soldiers and sailors, but they fight bloody well until the end, when of course Dan Dare proves victorious over the evil Mekon. Many die, yet nearly all of them show great valor in a fight for control of the Solar System and the future of humanity.

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