Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review of "The Monster Book of ABC Sounds," by Alan Snow

Review of
The Monster Book of ABC Sounds, by Alan Snow ISBN 0590472038

Five out of five stars
 This is a book that should be read to young children by adults with some ability to create sound effects. For each letter of the alphabet, the reader is given a sound, such as “Vroom” for “v” and “Wheeeee” for “w.” The main characters are rats with a large green dragon, they engage in activities and often utter the sounds.
 There are images for each letter, one image and letter per page. The images are detailed and attractive, with just the right level of coloration for young eyes. Most of the activities take place in the house, although a few are outside, along the house or in the yard, locations where the young “reader” will understand and recognize.
 This is an excellent book for the child that is just starting out in learning their ABC’s. There are monsters, but all are of the friendly, comfortable variety.

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