Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review of "Army of Two: Across the Border," by Peter Milligan et. al.

Review of
Army of Two: Across the Border, by Peter Milligan et. al. ISBN 9781600107399

Three out of five stars
 This book is the print equivalent of a shooting video game where the shooters never suffer serious injury, even against the most daunting of odds. Ex-Army Rangers Salem and Rio are the point of the spear of a private military corporation called Trans World Operations. They are constantly bickering, even while under heavy fire, there are times when the insult to the other appears to be more important than dealing with the enemy.
 When in action they wear masks and they never run out of ammunition, even when on full automatic for extended periods of time. Their operation is in Mexico (hence the title) and while there the two of them go against rogue police, the soldiers of drug cartels, street gangs and military units that have modern automatic weaponry.
 Somehow through it all, Salem and Rio shoot straight while their opponents do not. As mercenaries not subject to any form of military justice, they do not hesitate to kill people, even when there is uncertainty regarding the threat that they pose. It is military fantasy of the highest or lowest order, depending on your point of view, in the form of a graphic novel.  

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