Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review of "Harry Four Eyes," by Nancy Kelton

Review of
Harry Four Eyes, by Nancy Kelton ISBN 0817204539

Five out of five stars
 Harry is a young boy that loves to read more than anything. Since he is small for his age and very poor at baseball, reading books is his escape. Unfortunately, one night when he was trying to read he discovered that the words were too fuzzy to understand. At first he thought it was due to fatigue but he quickly learned that he could not see very well anymore.
 Finally, a trip to an eye doctor led to his wearing glasses, the thickest ones in the entire store. The other boys made fun of Harry, calling him four eyes. Standing over by first, Harry was watching the other boys play baseball one day when there was a very close play that led to an argument. Finally, Harry stepped in and forcefully acted as umpire in calling the play. Surprised, the other boys recognized a voice of authority in Harry and the argument was resolved. This small boy that couldn’t play baseball grew up to be Harry Truman, the thirty-third president of the United States.
 This is a remake of the classic story of the misfit that grows up to be a famous and accomplished person. It is written at the level of the second grader and is easy to understand. If I had known about this book when my daughter was young I would have read it to her.

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