Saturday, April 18, 2020

Review of "Q-In-Law," by Peter David

Review of

Q-In-Law, by Peter David ISBN 0671733893

Five out of five stars

Lwaxana Troi faces down Q

 This novel features two of the most entertaining characters in the next generation universe, Q and Lwaxana Troi, the mother of Deanna Troi. Two longtime warring families, the Nistral and the Graziunas have agreed to stop fighting and celebrate the unifying marriage of the son of the Nistral leader and the daughter of the Graziunas leader. The marriage is to be aboard the Enterprise and many diplomatic dignitaries are in attendance, including Lwaxana.

 When she arrives, Lwaxana states that she is in mourning over her daughter’s inability to find a mate. She also still has some thoughts of pursuing Picard, a prospect he tries to avoid. Q appears and while he annoys the crewmembers of the Enterprise, by the customs of the Nistral and Graziunas, he must be treated as another honored guest.

 The amusing aspect of this story is that Q and Lwaxana become romantically involved and it turns out that Lwaxana is more than a match for Q. She gives new meaning to the old phrase about the wrath of a woman scorned. Even Worf is amused at the consequences of Q’s actions and Lwaxana’s response. War is averted and Q is put in his place, not a bad outcome for a good story.

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