Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Review of "Crazy Horse and the Real Reason for the Battle of the Little Big Horn," by Ehanamani

Review of

Crazy Horse and the Real Reason for the Battle of the Little Big Horn, by Ehanamani ISBN 0962197785

Two out of five stars

 This book is more than a bit schizophrenic in the plot line. The opening section is a recapitulation of the history of the interaction between the people of European descent and the Native American tribes living on the northern plains. It was a major clash of cultures, and a demonstration of how one side, the Europeans, engaged in a ruthless total war against the Native Americans. The Europeans did not hesitate to shoot down non-combatants, lie, break treaty promises and destroy anything that would make their opponent’s lives more difficult. This section is pretty good.

 However, the next section goes really strange and uses some bizarre theories of banking and theories of money to explain how the wealthy and hence powerful have pulled strings to control the world. This theory of why the battles between the Native Americans led by the Sioux and the Europeans took place is untenable. The reality is far simpler, the issue was ownership and control of land. The Native Americans had no concept of private property and the European society was based on it. Therefore, the Europeans always wanted more of it.

 In the last section principles of astrology are used to perform a retrospective horoscope on the Native American leader Crazy Horse. It is difficult to follow the reasoning.  I enjoyed the first section of the book and struggled to plow my way through the last parts.

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