Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Review of "Faberge Treasures Jigsaw Puzzle Book"

Review of

Faberge Treasures Jigsaw Puzzle Book, ISBN 0810911868

Five out of five stars

Exquisite artwork in jigsaw puzzles

 Decades ago, I had the privilege of touring the Hermitage Museum in what is now St. Petersburg. While there I am certain that I saw replicas or work created in the Faberge style and may have even seen one or two originals. Suffice to say that they were some of the most impressive works of art that you will ever see.

 This book contains images of eight of the works in the form of four small two-sided jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles themselves have only 12 pieces, so there is no real challenge to putting them together. Two pages are reserved for brief descriptions of the depicted works. An art book expressed as a puzzle book; this is an excellent gift for people that enjoy both.

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