Thursday, April 23, 2020

Review of "Dirt," episode 25, season 3 of Gunsmoke

Review of

Dirt, episode 25, season 3 of Gunsmoke

Five out of five stars

Sometimes it takes a bullet to wake a man up

 Beulah is a woman considered by nearly everyone as the human equivalent of dirt. However, there is one man in Dodge that does not. Unfortunately, from her perspective, that man is going to marry another woman. The family of the prospective bride does not consider the wedding to be appropriate, the brother of the bride is steeped in southern tradition and openly expresses his opposition to the wedding.

 The wedding takes place right on schedule, but when the bride and groom are traveling in the buggy after the wedding, the groom is shot. Fortunately, while the wound is serious, it is not fatal. Beulah is found next to the man, so once the bride’s brother is eliminated as a suspect, Beulah is suspected. Certain items of the groom’s are found in Beulah’s residence and she confesses to having shot him.

 The episode then takes a dramatic turn, which is clearly the best path for all concerned. At the end, it is an odd romance, one worthy of a western themed show. In an amusing twist, Chester in the one catching the bouquet and Matt asks him about having a wedding. It is a nice scene involving the bromance between Matt and Chester.

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