Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Review of "Classic Star Wars Number 12", comic book

Review of

Classic Star Wars Number 12, comic book

Five out of five stars

 Chewie and Han Solo are on a planet where they stage gladiatorial contests and Chewie is scheduled to be a participant. Han’s goal is to acquire a power gem, but it is well protected. Therefore, he concocts a scheme where Chewie engages his rival outside the arena in order to draw attention while Han moves to enter the fortress where the gem is held. Even though their scheme is exposed, Han uses a great sequence of logical constructs to talk their way out of their difficulties.

 The second half of the story involves Luke crash landing on the ice planet Hoth after being attacked by imperial tie fighters. His ship is damaged, and he has only a limited supply of emergency heaters. C3PO is with him but is of no help against the cold. Fortunately, there are humans on the planet that aid him, even though Luke must teach them a lesson first.

 The stories stick very well to the plot and character depictions of the original Star Wars movies. For many people, these are the best, for some of the characters introduced later lack the breath of new air qualities that they need to have to improve the genre.

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