Sunday, April 26, 2020

Review of "The Big Book of Baseball Brain Teasers," by Dom Forker et. al.

Review of

The Big Book of Baseball Brain Teasers, by Dom Forker et. al. ISBN 1402713371

Five out of five stars

An exploration of some of the arcane baseball rules

 What makes this book interesting is that many of the situations actually happened and even those that may not have taken place plausibly could. A scenario is put forward and the reader is given the opportunity to express their opinion until the rule is stated and explained. The circumstances are as unusual as a ball getting stuck in the umpire’s equipment to the specific definitions of what constitutes interference. Some of them are once in a decade events.

 For example, the rules state very clearly that the outcome is quite different if the batted ball has passed a fielder or not. Another example covers when a player is tossed from the game while there is a play involving him still active. A third deals with a dropped third strike and whether a player that has walked toward the dugout can still run to first base.

 This book is a jewel for the baseball trivia buff. My favorite rule was, “If no other rule can be applied, it is the judgement of the head umpire that will prevail.”

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