Thursday, April 23, 2020

Review of "Buchanan’s Range War," by Jonas Ward

Review of

Buchanan’s Range War, by Jonas Ward

Five out of five stars

 Don Porado is a man that possesses documents of old Spanish land grants to vast regions of territory. Some of that land is owned by Billy Button and Porado is determined to acquire it. Billy, his wife Nora and their young son are the closest thing that Buchanan has to family. To put pressure on Billy, Porado has his giant goon beat him nearly to death. This brings Buchanan and his friend Coco Bean back to Billy’s place and makes them frontline soldiers in a vicious range war.

 This story is a bit different from the other Buchanan stories in that he drops his extreme reluctance to kill, openly stating that the opponents deserve to be killed. Vastly outnumbered, Buchanan is able to engage them in a series of small skirmishes where small numbers of the opposition are killed. There is a climactic final battle and an epilogue. Once again, Buchanan is the target of some temptation to settle down by a widow woman that fights alongside him.

 This is another of the Buchanan stories where you know that he will prevail in the end, yet still find it exciting and entertaining.

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