Monday, April 20, 2020

Review of "Johnny Unitas," by Joel H. Cohen

Review of

Johnny Unitas, by Joel H. Cohen

Four out of five stars

 Although his career stats have long been eclipsed by subsequent quarterbacks, Johnny Unitas can still get votes as the greatest of all time or GOAT. He played in an era when quarterbacks and receivers could both get hit more frequently and with greater force. It was much harder for a receiver to run a predictable route when the defenders could hit them at any time before the ball was in the air.  

 This is the story of the man considered the best quarterback of the decade of the sixties, a few years after he engineered a victory in what many consider the greatest game of all time, the 1958 NFL championship game. It was also the game that is credited with turning the NFL into a national sport. Unitas was the quarterback for the winning Baltimore Colts.

 Unitas was known for being an unpredictable play caller and an unchallenged leader on the field. He also knew that it was a team game and that without solid support from his teammates, he and the team would not succeed. Written at the level of the middle school reader, this is a good rendition of the life of a man that will always remain a legend of the game.

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